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Our Google Ads Training / Courses

"Ads Unlocked" Agency Course!

This course is:
• More than 100+ Step-by-step video lessons about starting (or growing) a Google Ads agency.
• More than 30 downloads and custom tools.
• Includes our ENTIRE Google Ads course 
• Includes PPC/Google Ads Toolbox
• A community where you can ask Google Ads questions and get personalized help from Mike Mancini
• Weekly coaching calls with Mike

This can be done with NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

Ads Agency Unlocked
Ads Agency Unlocked - Academy
Ads Unlocked

UPDATED Google Ads Course for 2023!

The "Ads Unlocked" PPC / Google Ads Course

Our PPC/Google Ads Toolbox

• 10 Custom PPC tools, checklists and spreadsheets that we developed in our Google Ads agency. 
• 2 Free Bonus tools to help with email and lead generation
• Tools all come with individual step-by-step video lessons

Rachel L

Rachel L.

Business Owner

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your help with my business. I’ve received at least 5 new clients in the past 2 weeks. I’m now full with my client load and am considering hiring 1-2 employees. Thanks so much — one of the best decisions I made for marketing my business.”

Check Out Our PPC Tools...

FREE PPC Campaign Setup Checklist
This PPC checklist will help you figure out what you’ve done, what you need to do and what’s coming up when you’re setting up new campaigns. Video Tutorial 

FREE PPC ROI Calculator
When deciding on a PPC budget, this is a handly little tool to help you figure out the stats and/or budget you may need for your campaign.
There is a Video Tutorial Included with the calculator. 

FREE PPC Stats Spreadsheet
Helps you keep track of your PPC campaign statistics and over time will show you where your changes have worked and where they haven’t. Video Tutorial Included

And See The Other Tools That We Have For You!

A Bit About Mike...

Hi… I’m Mike Mancini, founder and lead trainer at PPCVideoTraining.com. I’ve spent more than 15 years working with Google Adwords (now Google Ads) and other PPC platforms and I’ve managed millions of dollars in ad spend.

With PPC experience in more than 30 industries, I know and understand what makes failing, under performing and mediocre Google Ads campaigns better. And I know how to run large AND small campaigns. But most of all, I know how to train people on this stuff so that they can UNDERSTAND IT.

In 2007, I started a small eCommerce business with 12 products and within 6 months, had sales in more than 90 countries… all with PPC marketing. I sold that business in 2013 and have been managing dozens of PPC accounts in my own agency ever since.

Over the years, I’ve seen a big need for a service to help people avoid the huge expense of hiring an agency to manage their PPC campaigns (especially for those smaller businesses who understood the value of Google Ads, but just didn’t have the funds to hire an agency).

So, I started the idea for PPC Video Training.com and after 18 months and a lot of sleepless nights… here we are. PPC is my business and I want to show you how to use Google Ads marketing to take your business to new heights.

Mike Mancini
Step-by-Step PPC Video Training

Step-By-Step Google Ads Video Training

Whether it’s PPC Optimization or setting up a new Google Ads campaign, we can help you.

We love working with PPC because it’s what helps people grow their businesses. There’s no better feeling than someone telling you they had to hire more employees because of the increase in business.

With awesome PPC tutorials, blog posts, updated industry news and free PPC tools, we have you covered.

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