From 2 Sales Per Day to Sales in 91 Countries in Just 6 Months Using Google Adwords

The True Story of a Small Online T-shirt Startup Who Sold Products to 91 Countries in a Matter of Months.

It all started back on November 26th, 2007.

I was working full time as an executive recruiter but had a small online t-shirt shop on the side that sold funny and pop culture t-shirts. At the time, I had just 12 t-shirts on a homemade website and was trying to grow the business so that I could quit my full time job and work for myself.

12 T-shirts

12 T-shirts and a Crappy Website

But, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing with the online business. I was trying to figure out the whole internet marketing thing and doing what I could in the few hours a day that I had to get any business that I could find.

It was slow. Scratch that… it was PAINFULLY slow. On a good day, I would sell 2 t-shirts. 2 t-shirts with profit margins of maybe $4-$6. I’d be lucky if I was making $10/day before expenses.

I was killing myself as I was working 8 hours a day at my full time job, 2 hours a day commuting, I would see my newborn son for an hour or so when I got home before he went to bed and then I would get started in the t-shirt world. I was actually screen printing the t-shirts myself, in my garage.

So I was doing the graphic design for the shirts, building the website, making the screens for the screen printing process, printing the shirts, printing out the mailing information, packing the shirts for shipment, taking them to the post office. And I was doing all of this by myself. Oh, and I was trying to figure out the whole marketing thing as well. I was lucky if I was in bed by 2:00am.

The week leading up to that fateful day, while at my recruiting job, I had 4 deals fall apart. The commissions for those 4 deals would have paid for my entire year. The deals fell apart from things that weren’t in my control and I’d had enough. I loved working with my boss (he was awesome), but I knew that I needed to make a change. That day (Nov. 26th) I quit my recruiting job.

I Quit T-shirt

I’ve Had ENOUGH!

I immediately went home and knew that I needed to make something happen. I had a new wife and baby boy who was only a few months old.

I came across Google Adwords (or Pay Per Click – PPC – Marketing). I had seen the ads before, but had not paid them much attention. I wondered if PPC would work for selling t-shirts.

You see, the products I was selling were very popular t-shirts, and people were looking for them. So I thought I would put up an ad for my most popular item (remember, I only had 12) and see what happened. There were a lot of t-shirts shops advertising their shops as a whole (funny t-shirts, pop culture t-shirts, etc), but they weren’t advertising the single products.

Within a couple of hours, I had a sale. Within 4 hours, I had 2 more sales. Within 22 days, I’d made more than $17,000 in sales from that same website with just 12 t-shirts on it. While I know it’s not a million dollars, it was a HUGE step that I made in very little time. And I did it with Google Adwords.

T-shirt Sales

Our 2007 T-shirt Sales

Fast forward 6 months, and I’d sold products to 91 countries around the world.

But over time, it got harder and harder. More people starting using Google Adwords and it got more expensive. But as my experience grew, so did my profits. 6 years later (in 2013), I sold that business.

When the business sale was final, I decided to take the PPC knowledge that I had acquired and use it to help other companies get business / leads online.

But yes, this story happened back in 2007. And yes, things have changed since then.

Back in those days, I was getting clicks for pennies. In fact, I wouldn’t pay more than $.30 for a click. Now days, I don’t see many clicks on Google Adwords Search for less than $1 (in most industries). But that doesn’t mean it’s not still HIGHLY profitable.

In 2017 and I have a successful PPC agency. We’ve worked with more than 100 companies in dozens of industries. We’ve worked with big and small businesses, franchises, companies in the eCommerce space, the service industry, and businesses with actual physical locations.

We’ve worked with:
• T-shirt companies
• Chiropractors
• Tech Companies
• Software Companies
• Pest Control
• e Learning
• Attorneys
• Hot Tub Service/Repair
• Landscaping
• Painting
• Floor Refinishing
• Online Wine Sales
• Counseling
• Mediation
• Roofing
• Plumbing / Heating
• Auto Repair
• and dozens more.

But I saw a HUGE problem in the marketplace. There were a lot of people who were already using PPC and having poor results (or they had already tried and completely failed).

The biggest problem was that they didn’t know how to make the correct changes to their accounts to either turn them around and making them profitable or to keep them growing. And they were interested in doing it themselves or having it done in house.

And there are SOOO many PPC training programs/courses out there that teach you how to start a PPC campaign, but they don’t teach you what to do AFTER you launch your campaign.

So, if you don’t have success right away, most people quit. They think that Google Adwords doesn’t work. They believe that it won’t work for their business.

But understand this, Google Adwords will bring in over 60 BILLION dollars in 2017. Yes… billion with a capital B. And they’re not bringing in that kind of money if it doesn’t work.

The good news is that it’s not hard to make the correct changes to a failing / poorly performing PPC campaign. You just need the right guide.

In fact, there are 5 things that we check immediately when a campaign is not performing the way that we want it to. And these 5 quick checks are what we call the “5 Steps to PPC Profits”.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, or want to learn more about the right changes to make, then just click the button below and enter in your email address.

There are a lot of things to learn when it comes to PPC marketing and I’d love to share them with you, but I’d rather do so privately, in an email.

  • Mike Mancini

Mike Mancini