To my readers,

I started PPC Video with transparency in mind. There are so many digital marketing companies out there that are so shrouded in secrecy that people don’t trust them. I didn’t want that to be us and therefore am 100% honest with my clients and readers.

There are times when I talk about a product or services that I use, recommend, or suggest. My goal with my information is to give you MY opinion and experiences to help you make an educated decision about what is right for your business. But this is still a business and it’s a business that I run for a profit.

With that said, there are times when I provide links to these products or services and sometimes those are affiliate links. Affiliate links can provide me with compensation if you happen to click on those links, go to the website in question, and then purchase those products or services. The company that you purchase those products or services from would be the ones providing me with that compensation. It’s a referral fee.

Just to be safe, you should assume that all the links that go to outside websites may be affiliate links.

HOWEVER, I personally only have links to products that I USE or have used in the past. I have tried out so many different services and products in my career that I have a lot of knowledge about what works and doesn’t work and I like to share those experiences. I only provide links to companies that “I” believe will provide true value to you and your business.

I HAVE NOT been given ANY free products or services to review or been given anything else for mentioning these companies or services in this website ( I simply may receive compensation if you decide to purchase those products based on my recommendation.

If you have any questions at all concerning this disclosure, please Contact Us.


Mike Mancini – Founder, PPC Video