PPC Video Training is a business that was started by Mike Mancini in April of 2016.

Mike Mancini

Mike Mancini

Mike is a Pay Per Click (PPC) expert with more than 12 years in the industry working with Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, YouTube Ads and others. Mike also runs a PPC advertising agency called Mancini Digital.

Mike first started working with PPC marketing when he started his own online eCommerce business which was selling t-shirts. Within 6 months, Mike had sold products to more than 90 countries around the world. Mike sold the t-shirt business in 2013 and started helping other businesses with their online marketing.

While working with a number of PPC clients and meeting with new ones every week, we found a number of businesses who already had a PPC account and were managing it themselves or had someone in their offices managing it for them. However, they wanted someone else to take a look at it (for a number of reasons):

  1. To see if there was anything we would do differently
  2. To see if their in-house specialist was running their campaigns correctly
  3. To see if there was anything missing
  4. To get some more ideas on how to better optimize the campaign

In this process, we found ourselves teaching quite a few people about what we do. Sure, we would rather be running their campaigns for them, but in most of those cases, they were doing OK. And rather than just say we can’t help you unless you let us run your campaign… we found an opportunity to be able to still help their business.

So, we now train/consult companies regarding their PPC campaigns.

How do we do this? It varies from company to company?

PPC Training / Consulting Solutions

  1. In certain instances, we will just get “read only” access to their campaigns and go through it with our screen capture software and record (and compile a report) of the changes that we would make. Once our report is complete, we email that report and video to the client. They can then make the changes themselves and retain control of their account.
  2. Other times a client may like us to not only show the changes that we would make, but actually make those changes for them (and we will do that). We do this with screen capture software as we are making the changes so that the client can not only see exactly what we are doing, but educate themselves (and their team) as well.
  3. We can physically travel to their organization and teach a team (or individual) what we have found, how we would do things, changes they could make, help them set up their campaigns, etc.
  4. We can put together training calls with those people and walk them through suggestions that we have.

We can tailor it to any situation and any companies needs.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with us about training, please call us today at: (952) 260-0623 or use our Contact Us page. Thanks for stopping by.

Mike Mancini – Founder, PPCVideoTraining.com